Hello and welcome to Personology

Well...that doesn’t sound like your typical HR Consultancy does it?

That’s because we’re not. Of course, we are still professional business advisors, but what we also take on board is that the world of HR and employment law is continually changing and evolving, and no matter what the workplace situation, regardless of size or sector, it largely comes down to your personnel - your staff, your employees, your people.

So let’s get to know one another...


It's simple - your people are your business

Ultimately, you need to look after your employees, because they are the ones that will help drive your business and lead you to success!

We have been working with a large range of businesses for 15 years, from small businesses that employ a handful of individuals to multi-national corporations that employ thousands, across a variety of sectors, including education, retail, manufacturing, third sector, care and construction to name a few.

We firmly believe that your people are key to your business, and when we work with you, your people will become key to our business too. This is why we go above and beyond to engage, protect and improve the relationships you have with them.

If you’re looking for a team that understands how you want to run your business, without simply quoting the black letter of the law to you and baffling you with unnecessary jargon, then we’re the team for you!

At Personology we pride ourselves on thinking commercially, and tailoring our services to meet the demands of our valued customers. We will always be prepared to think 'outside the box', and we are committed to reaching your desired outcomes, whilst ensuring that you remain within the confines of employment law.