Reflection and learning 5 Weeks into Covid 19 Lockdown

1. When terrible things happen, there are always wonderful, caring people who put others first, and one individual CAN make a huge difference (Captain Tom Moore showing us all a thing or two about resilience and determination).

2. An hour’s exercise, a walk in the sunshine and fresh air is a gift, not a chore.

3. Skype & Zoom are no replacement for seeing and being able to hug the people you love

4. If I close my eyes, I can taste a Starbucks soya peppermint latte ( *other coffee chains are also available).

5. I’m starting to succumb to the reality that is “Iso-ugly” hair and nail appointments become a distant memory and my natural self is emerging.(*scary times)

6. People find following the black arrows in Asda (*other supermarkets are available) a logistical nightmare, which shouldn’t be as hard as it appears to be.

7. The true meaning of ethical values in business are emerging with companies like Admiral Insurance offering customers refunds of £25 at a cost to the Company of £110 million as many drivers are stuck at home and John Lewis and Partners paying all frontline staff a one-off bonus of £200 in recognition of their hard work during the pandemic.

8. These difficult times are giving us the opportunity to look inward, reflect on what truly matters, and connect with ourselves and our loved ones on a deeper level. Stripped back to our human self we are all equal and all facing the same battle.