Why Choose Personology?

We’ve rebranded to Personology – this is to better reflect our commitment to you and your people, as your employees really are the key to the success of your business. In turn, your people will become our priority, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Here for you

  • Although our contractual office contact hours are 9am – 6pm, we pride ourselves on being available to you when you need us, even during evenings and weekends. We understand that it can be sometimes difficult to find the right time to talk HR, and we can assure you, that when you want to talk, we’ll be there to listen.

Real people

  • We are not a faceless service – surprisingly enough, we are real people! You won’t have to deal with an anonymous case handler when you call us, or have to frustratingly relay your circumstances during every call. You will be assigned a key consultant who will assist you throughout and be familiar with your ongoing issues, ensuring you get an enhanced level of support.

Unrestricted Advice

  • We are not bound by the usual red tape associated with underwritten insurance policies – a conscious decision of ours. This means that we can promise to provide you with completely unrestricted advice and not shackled by rigid policy restraints. We will set out all the options available to you as a business, advise you of the relevant risks associated with each one, and support you in whichever option you ultimately decide to pursue.

Bespoke HR

  • We understand that your employees are your biggest asset and we believe in the importance of understanding your business and the way you want it to run – there is no “one rule fits all” approach.

We are firm believers that our people are most definitely our business. All of our consultants have been ‘in the business’ at senior levels for a minimum of 15 years, some as long as 30! Along with this, our team has a strong legal core, with over half of us possessing law degrees and experience in employment law, in addition to being members of the Chartered institute of Professional Development as Fellows.


A pre-requisite of our team is that they have a strong commercial understanding, gained from working in the industry or through other avenues of experience and learning. We fully appreciate that you need advice and guidance in relation to your business and the challenges it faces – not just a diatribe of generic policy information.


If you are a company that wants straight forward, commercially-based Human Resources guidance that doesn’t beat around the bush, then you are in the right place. We get the job done efficiently, and we give you the choice to approach situations a little differently, with the aim of reaching your outcome aspirations while maintaining 100% compliance.


We won’t shackle you with unnecessary, time consuming bureaucracy, that just slows down the process, not to mention the extra expense that incurs. Our bespoke service offers you a better provision which still adheres to all policies and is completely legal – just more savvy – it’s a more cost-effective and practical application of HR.


So, if you have a situation that you need tackling head on, arrange a free call back on 01792 296 178 to chat it through or email us at hello@personology.co.uk – no strings attached!