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What is absence management software?

Absence management software by Personology People is an easy to use, comprehensive, staff leave planner and absence solution allowing your company to quickly monitor, analyse and manage planned leave and unplanned absences.


The system provides an always online self-service application allowing employees to request leave at any time, accessible from any device with access to the internet.  Saving you business valuable time.

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Why do you need absence management software?

As a result of the United Kingdom’s high rate of Employee Absence (a new study shows that most employees take 6.4 days off sick each year), employers face a number of challenges, including: managing the initial notification call from an employee who is not feeling well; ensuring that work is covered during the absence; ensuring that employees are paid for time off as per their contract; obtaining GP or Occupational Health reports in accordance with company policy; holding welfare and return to work meetings; making sure employees are supported upon returning to work.  Our software can help with this!  

Online software to manage absence

What can I do with online absence management software?

Being present at work and away from work are both vital for staff productivity. Absence recording tools such as payroll can help, but tailor-made absence management software allows HR to have more information and better absence tracking, resulting in a standardised absence management process. This enables HR to deliver a supportive and effective response to staff sickness issues.

Annual Leave Calculator

We make it easy for HR Managers to track and record staff annual leave, even when employees work different hours and have different leave entitlements. Our online absence management solution tracks annual leave automatically, so you don't have to.

Online Leave Planner

Personlogy makes it easy for staff to book annual leave with the minimum disruption to HR. It's totally flexible, customisable and integrated into your company's policies, culture and processes – making it a truly customisable leave planning solution.

One Click Leave Decision

Our online software makes it simple to accept or reject an employee's leave request with a click of one button. No more forms or piles of paper, just an easy to use software system that time-efficient and intuitive to use from any device.

Manage Public Holiday Leave

Our centralised absence software makes it easy for your business to manage public holidays automatically and allocate the correct lieu days to your members of staff. This time-saving feature is a much-loved addition to our software.

Absence Trigger Point Alerts

Our software can help you to monitor and manage absence patterns due to holiday and sickness. You can define triggers for the criteria that is important to your company, then the system will alert the right person automatically when there is a trigger.

Automated Absence Reporting

You can use Personology People absence management software to scheduled absence reports which are then automatically sent directly to your inbox. However, if you still need to export data into an Excel spreadsheet or import it into another HR system by exporting it in CSV format, then you can do so.

The benefits of our absence management software at a glance!

Benefits for employeees

  1. Online staff holiday planner
  2. Holiday, sickness absence & bradford factor scores.
  3. Who else is off in their department/team/job role
  4. Make leave requests quickly and easily
  5. Hassle free self certification for absence

Benefits for businesses

  1. Better control over costs & better data on your people
  2. Improved targetting of valuable HR time & resources
  3. Reduced absenteeism & better motivation
  4. Cloud-based means no hassle or deployment issues
  5. Consistent application of HR policies organisation-wide

Benefits for HR departments

  1. Reduces time-sapping leave queries
  2. Automated trigger points to monitor absence
  3. More time to spend on supporting your people
  4. Annual leave & sickness policies consistently applied
  5. Better reporting & management of absence costs

Benefits for Managers

  1. Quick access to key information about their team
  2. Approve or reject leave requests in one click from email
  3. Access the software on any device at any time
  4. Staff in need of management support identified quickly
  5. No more annual leave clashes or key skill shortage crisis

Why use absence management software from Personology?

 Unique among HR companies, Personology combines over 20  years of HR experience with the expertise of an award-winning software leader to create best-in-class absence management software, Personology People.


 Personology People is an absence management software product specifically designed for business owners, HR managers, and administrative assistants which is built by HR specialists. The product enables managers and employees to better use their time to focus on the things that matter most at work.


 Our absence management software is modular and cloud-based, accessible anywhere from any device. Our practical, user-friendly interface and dashboard allow you to easily track and manage your absences; its simple layout delivers quick and easy access to the platform’s core features. What’s more, our absence software has been designed from the ground up with an eye toward functionality, ensuring that you will never have to pay for more functionality than you need.

Absence Management Software For UK businesses

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