Can you afford the cost of getting it wrong?

Did you know if employees can prove they caught coronavirus at work and the employer cannot show they have taken appropriate steps to prevent this, the employer could be liable for the employee’s losses which could mean some employees being unable to work for some-time and/or employees experiencing more serious health implications.

The current pandemic is forcing all of our operating procedures under the microscope and with greater risk to personal and public safety those who ignore the new obligations on employers to proactively manage health and safety in the workplace will pay heavily. There are many potential liabilities for failure to take care of staff, particularly if they are especially vulnerable. Whatever the claim, dealing with it will take up valuable time and money.

Measures Employers Need to Take

The solution, employers need to be able to show that appropriate consultation with staff, risk assessments, protections and adjustments were taken.

This week we launched our Covid Safety Compliance Pack designed specifically by us to give business owners the tools they need to ensure they can create a safe environment moving forwards.

Not only will using the pack give peace of mind that you have left no stone unturned as far as Health and Safety is concerned*, it will also demonstrate to employees and, if it should come to it a tribunal, that you invested time and money into ensuring that your business is a safe place for employees and visitors to return to and/or visit.

The high level of interest we experienced yesterday on launching the pack demonstrated just how concerned many business are about getting this wrong and the cost implications of doing so.

What our Clients Say

Here are some of the comments we have had from those who have already purchased the pack:

‘I need to get my business open asap and have been so confused as to what to do – I wasn’t sure if this pack would help but since receiving it yesterday it’s all I have been doing and now I really feel I can get back to work with confidence – I would definitely recommend other business owners buy it’

Paula Gomersal MD, Crosscrew Ltd

‘I am a small business owner and the current pandemic has made me re-evaluate my business and how we are going to safely work when we are allowed to open. I purchased the Covid Compliance Pack for peace of mind and I got it. The pack is so detailed. Safety of my staff and clients is my number one priority – the risks are too high and we can’t afford to get it wrong.’

Jess Davies – Owner, Aspire Art of Hair

‘As a small business this was quite a big outlay for us at the moment, but we are so worried about the cost of getting this wrong we decided it would be a worthwhile investment – we couldn’t be happier with it – it feels like all the thinking has been done for us – great value for money – I would definitely recommend.’

L Mulford – Director Flavology Flavours

The Covid Safety Compliance Pack

You can get full details of what is included in our Covid Safety Compliance Pack here along with full details of costs and how to get hold of one.  Alternatively, email for more information.