Case Study – Morgans Hotel

Morgans Hotel

Structured Approach to Maintaining Service Quality

Morgans Hotel Collection is a premier boutique hotel group known for exceptional service and high quality accommodation. As an industry leader in hospitality, maintaining high standards of service is critical to ensuring guest satisfaction and loyalty. Morgans Hotel Collection have robust HR processes and systems in place and adhere to these protocols when handling people-related matters. This commitment to structured HR management aligns perfectly with Personology’s expertise in providing comprehensive and proactive HR solutions.

Addressing Declining Employee Performance

Morgans Hotel faced a significant challenge when a hotel worker named ‘Alex’ experienced a noticeable decline in performance – impacting the hotel’s service quality and reputation. Alex’s performance issues included making frequent booking errors and receiving guest complaints relating to his demeanour. The hotel management recognised the need to address these issues promptly to maintain their high service standards, but required professional HR support to handle the situation thoroughly and effectively.

Implementing Structured Support

To resolve the issue, Personology recommended a series of informal counselling sessions with Alex to understand the root causes of his declining performance. During these sessions, Alex disclosed personal issues, including family problems and financial stress, which were affecting his job performance. In response, Morgans provided support by offering flexible working hours and making a recommendation for the hotel’s employee assistance program.

Handling Formal Disciplinary Process

Despite efforts being made to support Alex, performance did not improve. Consequently, the hotel management, with guidance from Personology, decided to implement a formal disciplinary process in line with the hotel’s HR policies and procedures. This structured approach ensured that Alex was given fair opportunities to improve his performance while maintaining the integrity of the hotel’s service standards.

Maintaining Service Quality & Upholding Fair Practices

Disciplining an employee for poor performance is a challenging but necessary aspect of management in the hospitality industry – particularly given the close-knit nature of the teams. In Alex’s case, despite multiple opportunities and support, his performance did not meet the hotel’s standards. The structured disciplinary process ensured that Alex was treated fairly and given ample opportunity to improve, ultimately leading to a resolution that upheld the hotel’s service quality and reputation.

Lessons Learned

• Early Intervention: Addressing performance issues early can prevent escalation.

• Support Systems: Providing support and resources for employees can help address underlying issues affecting performance.

• Clear Communication: Maintaining clear and documented communication throughout the disciplinary process is essential.

• Fairness & Consistency: Ensuring that the disciplinary process is fair and consistent with company policies protects both the employee and the organisation.

“Having worked with the team at Personology for many years, I can strongly recommend their high-quality service for all aspects of HR. The support they provide and their pragmatic approach to handling the day-to-day aspects of HR saves our business a lot of time, money and worry.”

Kate Bowen
Hotel Manager – Morgans Hotel

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