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Keep things simple with our Employee Database Software

Easy to use Employee Database Software designed for the ‘work smarter not harder’ approach to business. As a result, you no longer need to encounter lots of different spreadsheets scattered across different locations on your network! You benefit from one centralised location for everything with an intuitive menu system for ease of use. This software handles everything employee-related you can think of from personal information to appraisals and absence.

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Benefits of our Employee Database Software

Although a lot of people love spreadsheets, when it comes to employee record keeping – this is not the best tool for the job. A lot of smaller businesses use spreadsheets in replace of Employee Database Software because they need a place to start. This is completely understandable. But to become truly efficient, you need the right dedicated tool which will leave your business to focus on more important tasks!

Other benefits of our Employee Database Software

We’ve mentioned efficiency, but how? Well not only is it more efficient to have one centralised location with a tool specifically designed for the job – but you can customise it too! This means you can adapt the tool to your business. At Personology, we appreciate that each business is different and therefore being able to adapt or customise your Employee Database Software is key.

benefits of our employee database software
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How can you customise this software?

This software is customisable in different ways. Firstly, you can produce your own customised reports which only allows you to look at the data you are interested in. Secondly, the software has a homepage which is also known as the dashboard. The dashboard can be customised so that you only see the information you are interested in. This way you clear the jargon and focus on what matters most. And then thirdly, the software is modular which means you only use the tools that you need.

Stay secure with our Employee Database Software

Employee data is personal and sensitive. If you are used to using spreadsheets or even old filing cabinets to store data – this takes some looking after. With our Employee Database Software your business is provided with different user levels. This simplifies locking and unlocking areas of the network, finding the key for the filing cabinet, etc. It’s often not until information is leaked that a lot of new businesses appreciate the importance of a secure system.

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*For SAP and payroll compatibility a modification is required. If you have any interest in this feature, please mention this to us when you make an inquiry.

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We appreciate that changing systems is a big step. You are more than welcome to see a demo of this software first! This option has been provided at the bottom of the page, should you wish to see it for yourself!

Employee database software for SME’s

This professional Employee Database Software can be used by any business. Most interest is received by SME’s who are looking to become more efficient as they grow in size. However, we also appreciate that some larger organisations don’t always have global tools as they prefer to keep individual business units managed separately. So, for any business, if you need one centralised place that is secure and handles employee data. This software is perfect for your business.

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Employee database software with analytics

If your business is on the rise, it is likely that you’re looking to stay focused and grow in a structured manner if possible! One of the tools that allow you to do this is analytics. By being able to look at key aspects of your business, you can work out whether things are still working as your business adapts to the growth. And whilst this is not a sales performance monitoring tool, having the ability to monitor employees’ holidays and absences is important too! Holiday awareness enables good project/resource planning. And having analytics for absence gives you the data to handle difficult situations. Meaning that you can approach employees with data and not by constantly interrogating your employees every time they are absent.

So, why choose this particular software?

Well, we have many years in the HR industry working with businesses who require HR services. It is better to come to a dedicated HR provider like us for software than go to a general software provider for new HR tools. We know what it takes to deliver people-orientated HR to businesses and you may not think software plays its part but it does. Information is key, data security is key and efficiency is key. Having different spreadsheets for different parts of your business is fine in the early days we don’t dispute that. But if you want to gain real momentum, you need to have dedicated, efficient and reliable tools for every part of your business. And HR and employee data is just as important as other aspects of your business.

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FAQ – Our Employee Database Software

Yes, you can view holiday and absence calendars on departmental levels. This is ideal for department managers who manage several people at once. Especially if your team is working together on a particular product or project and resource planning is key.

Yes, the calendar is colour co-ordinated with a key so that you can understand the status of your team.

Yes, you can request leave and see the status of your leave (approved or pending approval).

Yes, you can see how many holidays that you have left. A very important part of the tool of course!