Conflict Management Services

Conflict Management Services | An Introduction

Our conflict management services support managers, HR, and other professionals through all different types of workplace issues. In the event of a conflict developing, or previous ongoing issues, we have a number of ways to approach this. In some cases, conflict audits and bullying reviews are significant first steps. What’s more, we have a unique portfolio of evaluations, depending on the situation we are investigating and resolving. Due to the variety of conflicts that can arise, a high level of experience is required for conflict management. Our team specialises in conflict resolution and creating a path to a more harmonious and healthier workplace. If your company is dealing with multiple allegations, complaints or any other unrest, we will find the root cause.

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Conflict Management Services | Examples

Our team is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, serving other businesses in senior roles for more than 10 years, with some as long as 30 years. We have a strong legal core, with 50% of the team experienced and qualified with law degrees. Our team has plenty of experience in employment law. We are also members of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development as Fellows. Contact us for a professional and thorough approach to the following areas of allegation:

We can provide services for one-off or multiple investigations and for all types of workplace issues.

Our Approach To Conflict Management

Conflict Management Services

We have a wealth of experience in breaking down conflicts and communication barriers at various levels within different businesses. Our conflict management services often leave a better workplace atmosphere and steer you towards a positive cultural change. One of the key skills involved throughout the process is avoiding the damaging consequences of a formal investigation (where possible). Instead, we might at times, conduct a confidential and impartial interview process. Our method is to engage in open dialogue and produce a psychologically safe environment for communication.

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Evaluation Reports

We use a natural and professional approach to break down barriers, gather information, and analyse commonalities. Our approach will often subtly help conflict cognitive behaviour for all parties involved. Aside from our approach to conflict, our clients also receive detailed evaluation reports. Any common themes are highlighted in our report, as well as any processes and further recommendations for conflict management. Our purpose from start to finish is to analyse, evaluate and resolve. We will also provide suggestions to improve colleague interaction and culture.

The Conflict Management Process

Scope Meeting

The purpose of the scope meeting is to gather background information, based on discussions, interviews and existing documentation. At this stage, it is more about gathering information about the parties involved. Additionally, this will include information about your organisation, systems, cultures and other factors which may have contributed to the situation. After following this process, we then decide on clear objectives and timescales.

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Root Cause Analysis & Conflict Resolution

At this point, we can identify the source(s) of any problems and then list all suitable resolutions. This may involve segmenting individual/group influences, management, processes, technology, tools/materials, and the environment.

Conflict Management Services Summary

Our conflict management services will provide you with a detailed understanding of the root cause of conflict within your organisation. Our thorough investigations will analyse any concerns around bullying and harassment. We will review complicated workplace issues and be tactful not to cause further damage during the investigation. All conflict resolutions will be documented and further recommendations added. (An example of further recommendations might be mediation, team facilitation, or training.)

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Personology For Conflict Management Services

Our Conflict Management Services provide both a credible and consistent solution to workplace allegations. Over the years many companies have failed to comply with employment law and unfairly dismissed employees. In any event, this can damage a company’s reputation or have a big financial impact. Our Conflict Management Services prevent the emotions of conflicting parties from destroying a reputation that you’ve worked hard to build. Contact us today for professional Conflict Management Services.

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Conflict Management Services | Key Benefits

Conflict Management Services FAQ

There are many reasons why businesses choose to outsource investigations to Personology. For instance, you might have an exceptionally complicated case with a high level of risk involved. Additionally, you might have limited resources, or your ‘go-to support’ is involved in the situation themselves. Or on the other hand, you may just appreciate a neutral third party that provides a consistent and successful approach.

Throughout the whole process, we use our natural compassionate, and empathetic approaches to conflict. Our years of experience enable us to pick the correct approach to each individual situation. We often pick an approach with positive psychology to create a safe and secure environment for people to talk freely. Additionally, we use cognitive interviewing techniques for the purpose of achieving outstanding results.

We have a number of approaches that take into consideration the people involved, the systems, the tools and the culture. At Personology, we divide conflict management between workplace investigations and advanced (more complex) case investigations. Different evaluation methods are used for conflict, bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

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