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At Personology we support managers and HR through different types of workplace issues with the shared goal of conflict resolution. If you have a conflict(s) developing in your team, we have different ways to approach conflict. In some cases, we help businesses with conflict audits and/or bullying reviews. Or we can look into fraud or on the other hand help you with regulatory non-compliance. With a variety of conflicts that can arise, it’s often good to have a neutral professional for Conflict Resolution. When required, we can carry out thorough investigations, which often bring out new information. If you are dealing with multiple allegations, complaints, or any other unrest – we will find the root cause. With our conflict resolution methods, we can also create a more harmonious and healthier workplace for your business.

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When To Seek Professional Services In Conflict Resolution

We can provide one or multiple investigations into the above and take the right course of action for your business. Our experience and professionalism will provide you with the knowledge and support for conflict resolution. We have a strong legal core, with 50% of our team experienced and qualified with law degrees. Our team is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. We have served other businesses in senior roles for more than 10 years, with some as long as 30 years. Our team has vast experience in employment law and we are members of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development as Fellows. Contact us for a professional and thorough approach to conflict resolution.

External Support For Conflict Resolution

Most conflicts can be resolved in open dialogue between colleagues and managers. However, they’ll be a percentage of conflicts that will require more professional attention than others. Then to break this down even further, a proportion of those conflicts will be better solved by a neutral party. Therefore, be confident in seeking professional help from a company like Personology. You can often protect relationships, your company reputation, and your finances by seeking professional help. Consider contacting our business for any of the following:


Ongoing disputes dividing colleagues and teams

Conflicts can arise for a number of reasons. You might have bullying, harassment, discrimination, lack of patience, communication issues, and frustration with tools and processes. The problems can be singular or a collection of a few situations. Sometimes your go-to managers for conflict resolution are wrapped up in the problem themselves. Or you have recently promoted inexperienced leadership (building for the future), however, these leaders are still learning people management. If you stop what you’re doing and step in, could this distract you from more important tasks? Or, you realise that conflict resolution has evolved and the need to seek the latest support is the best option.

Bias, preferential treatment, conflict of interest

Bias, preferential treatment and conflict of interest can all be stand-alone problems. However, there are overlaps where one may lead to the other. Bias is an inclination or prejudice for/against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair. This can result in an action(s) being carried out against someone or ignoring their needs altogether. Preferential treatment is the action of treating someone better than other people and providing an unfair advantage. A conflict of interest is a situation in which the concerns or aims of two different parties are incompatible.

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Understand the problem before approaching conflict resolution

There are various links, triggers, and barriers to consider. Sometimes it can be the personal relationships outside of work causing the bias and/or preferential treatment. Alternatively, it can be business goals – especially in a highly competitive environment. Gender and culture can unfortunately have a part in the conflict. Or it might be down to a difference in personalities and/or values. Have you tried to step in and realise people think you are showing preferential treatment? Do you have the time to be involved in all the conflicts within your business? Is it time to seek advice from a third party? Are you more confident knowing that a leading conflict management team can be on hand for you? Using a neutral party can be key to conflict resolution. Not only are all of the added benefits of being neutral important, but the time and stress are taken away.

Our Approach To Conflict Resolution

Use the correct methods and experience

We have vast experience breaking down communication barriers and solving conflicts at various levels within different businesses. When paving the way to conflict resolution, we work towards a better workplace atmosphere and positive cultural change.

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Create a psychologically safe environment

Our methods can often be to speak in open dialogue. We will produce a neutral and psychologically safe environment for communication. At times, we might conduct a confidential and impartial interview process (rather than put people under pressure). Therefore, if possible, we will try to avoid the damaging consequences of a formal investigation.

The Road To Conflict Resolution

Scope Meeting

We carry out scope meetings to get background information and gather documentation. Our goal at this point is to understand the parties involved and learn about your business. We will likely seek to understand systems, cultures, and other factors which may have contributed to the situation. Once we have compiled this information, we will then discuss objectives and timescales.

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Analysing Root Causes & Conflict Resolution

We will review complicated workplace issues and be tactful not to cause further damage during the investigation. Once we identify the source(s) of any problems, we will tailor common practices to the individual situation. This will keep you in line with employment law and help towards the goal of conflict resolution. All conflict resolutions are documented and further recommendations added. (An example of further recommendations might be mediation, team facilitation, or training.) Our findings might involve a breakdown of individual/group influences, management, processes, technology, tools/materials, and the environment. Above all, this will not be a generic response to solving a work-related problem. Our goal is to limit the damage of conflict, improve your workplace atmosphere, and bring positive cultural change where needed.

Why Use Our Services For Conflict Resolution?

Personology For Conflict Resolution

At Personology, we provide both a credible and consistent solution to workplace allegations. Over the years, some businesses have failed to comply with employment law and unfairly dismissed their employees. Without taking the right course of action, you can damage your company’s reputation. As a result, this can have a financial impact on your business. Or on the other hand, the repercussions of unfair dismissal can be appealed. Our neutral involvement prevents the emotions of conflicting parties from destroying a reputation that you’ve worked hard to build. If you are looking for a trusted and experienced professional company for conflict resolution, contact us today.

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