We make sure that your actions reflect your word  


Granted – reading contracts and handbook policies is boring, and business owners will always find more important things to spend their time on, but a Company’s written HR documentation is the lifeblood of any successful business, no matter what size, to protect both your Company and your employees alike.

Aside from that, it is now a legal requirement to provide any of your workers with a statement of written particulars from the very first day of them starting work with you. This statement needs to include specific, prescribed information, including their remuneration, hours of work, notice requirements and entitlements to holiday and sick pay. In the event of the statement not including all of the prescribed information, it will be considered insufficient.

As part of our service, we will draft a contract of employment stating each individual’s terms and conditions, providing you with as much protection as required. We will also be willing to provide template contracts and train in-house staff, so that they can create such contracts for future starters.

A Staff Handbook should contain all policies and procedures unique to the business in addition to the statutory requirements. The handbook will essentially be a “go to guide” for both employers and employees alike for assistance with how to deal with certain circumstances.

We will tailor your policies and procedures to make sure they reflect you and your business.

Also, in the event of policies requiring updating or new policies needing to be created, we will address these changes, informing you of the impact, as well as assisting you with communicating the changes to your employees.


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