"We will help steer you through the stormiest of weathers"


The Coronavirus pandemic has created the biggest challenge of our lifetime. It has affected every aspect of our lives, with the world of business being significantly impacted, including many businesses that have unfortunately had to close; being unable to continue.

Employment law has, in turn, evolved rapidly and significantly in response to COVID-19. New HR terminology is being created on an almost monthly basis, each of which is underpinned by significant legislative changes, including furlough, self-isolation, shielding, quarantine and most recently, the Job Support Scheme.

From the moment COVID-19 put us all into lockdown, it felt as though the world turned upside down – we instinctively made it our mission to keep all of our clients updated on the relevant changes creating bespoke, user-friendly guidance for them to follow, avoiding the usual complex jargon associated with Government guidance and legislation.

It is vital to us that our clients know they are supported, at least from a broad HR perspective, especially when they have the rest of their business to be concerned about. We go above and beyond to protect each of our clients, especially in a period which continues to be fraught with ongoing fear and uncertainty.

But it wasn’t just our clients we looked out for – it soon became clear that many small and sole trader businesses needed advice and support, so we launched our own Facebook group (Covid-19 Business Support Group) to help as many small businesses as possible by supplying them with the information they required, and by guiding them through their Coronavirus-related dilemmas.

In response to this unprecedented situation, we are finding that we are inundated with businesses looking for HR support, for a short period of time. In order to assist such businesses, we have introduced a short-term retainer, which can be reviewed on a quarterly basis, including the option for you to end or extend the retainer if you so wish.

Whatever the crisis, we have the means, the experience and the right attitude to support you through it.


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