Did you miss what happened last April 6th?

Something very important happened last April but many may have missed it, no we are not referring to the ‘must have’ squirrel picnic table craze, but the change to the law on employment contracts - specifically that from April 2020, all new employees and workers will be entitled to receive basic information in writing on or before starting work with information on disciplinary and grievance procedures, pension entitlement and any collective agreements that directly affect terms and conditions within two months of the start date.

With so much to think about during these ‘unprecedented times’ contracts may seem way down the priority list but with unemployment on the rise and tribunals free for employees it is vital that businesses ensure that they are compliant. The cost of not doing so can be thousands per employee, not something any business needs in these challenging times.

Which is why we are offering a free contract check* to make sure that you are compliant. If you would like to take us up on this offer please call 01792 296 178, email me on shakira@personology.co.uk or visit our website here to book a call back and /or sign up to our very popular newsletter “The People’ – all the latest HR news, views, offers and even the occasional giveaway!

No strings, no obligation, we promise.

Oh, and if you feel you need a squirrel picnic table in your life take a look at this UK supplier (others are available)



*Ts and Cs apply


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