Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

Conflicts and disputes can arise suddenly from almost any area of the business – and we are firm believers that these shouldn’t be ignored or allowed to fester.

A dispute can develop just as quickly as it can arise, and therefore, disputes can easily eat up hours of valuable management time. In addition, a poorly handled dispute could result in substantial financial losses and, most importantly, threaten the integrity of your business. Conflict deskills us and sometimes, an impartial facilitator/ Mediator is needed to help parties see the wood for the trees.

Employees can now pursue a tribunal claim against their employer by completing a simple form online with no charge to the individual, immediately putting the business at a disadvantage and causes it to incur costs. The increase in employment tribunal claims since the removal of tribunal fees can instil fear in even the most risk-averse businesses.

By ensuring that you have the correct procedures in place – the minimum being a company handbook – will go a long way towards addressing disputes in the first place and in some cases, provide us with an opportunity to swiftly nip things in the bud.

We have the qualifications and experience to handle all potential disputes, with qualified mediation professionals also at hand, who can assist with minimising costs and avoiding potential damage to hard-earned reputations.

Although prevention is, as they say, better than cure, even if the worst happens and a claim is lodged, members of our team have the relevant legal qualifications and experience to handle claims lodged within the Employment Tribunal and defend such claims personally.

So, drop us a line and let’s start the discussion as to how we can help future-proof your business.

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