Formal Written Grievance

This takes place if any informal process has been exhausted.

Once the grievance letter is received a grievance hearing must be arranged in line with the procedures outlined in the Company handbook/HR manual..

Following the grievance hearing, a quick but considered decision needs to be made as to whether the grievance is upheld, including any recommendations, to the employee in writing. This will include a right of appeal.


When traditional grievance policies don’t work

Grievance procedures are an important part of workplace dispute resolution policies, and they serve as a way to help solve problems and return the workplace to normality following any incidents or events. When a grievance crops up that seemingly cannot be resolved it can often feel like the workplace is teetering on an edge – something has to be done to ebb the flow of growing anger and resentment.

But do what? There are many well-meaning managers who bear the scars from stepping in to help, and the solution still eludes the parties. The quest to provide a solution is one of the main reasons why untrained, well-meaning interventions often don’t work. This is when employing the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques may be the best solution.

Workplace mediation is just such an alternative approach and is something we offer as part of our service portfolio. Collectively we have years of experience in dealing with a host of different grievances and are also fully trained as third party mediators.