Employment Contracts

Contracts, policies and procedures are the life blood of any successful business’s HR, regardless of size, that protects both the organisation and employees alike. We can give advice and guidance for you to produce each of the required documents yourself, train your staff to do so or indeed undertake the task ourselves.

The documents involved are:

  • Letters of Appointment – we can draft the bespoke appointment letters for each new starter and supply reference request systems, medical screening form etc
  • Contract of Employment – we will draft a contract of employment stating each individuals terms and conditions, ensuring that it is received within 8 weeks of their start date as is required by law. We will also provide template contracts and train in-house staff in how to use for the future.
  • The employee handbook –  as this contains all policies and procedures unique to the organisation, as well as all the statutory requirements, it is vital that every company has one and that it is kept up to date. It is an essential document for communication to staff and to protect the company and as such we can ensure that your handbook remains current by updating it to meet the required legislation should any policies or legal updates become prominent. 


  • Policies – these cover the main ‘dos and don’ts for the individual and the organisation with the most common policies including: sick policy, alcohol/drugs policy, health and safety, data protection, internet policy, equal opportunities, parental leave, harassment, stress policy etc. We will tailor your policies and procedures as appropriate to your business.


  • Induction – as recruitment is such an expensive outlay, having a clear induction programme is a sound investment to help with retention. We pride ourselves on preparing and delivering comprehensive and interesting programmes. Programmes that have been created by us having listened to feedback from numerous staff over the years and by learning from our own experiences from being on the receiving end of such programmes numerous times throughout our various careers.


We take this opportunity to communicate important company policies and procedures and obtain signatures from staff confirming that they understand and agree to abide by each policy.