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Employment Law Advisor

Employment Law Advisor

Our employment law advisor service ensures employee matters are handled fairly and legally for your business. Companies without access to these services often waste a lot of time dealing with HR issues themselves. If you are looking for practical solutions that take into account the needs of your business, then you have come to the right place. We will give you straightforward, commercially based HR guidance that doesn’t overcomplicate matters, we get the job done efficiently and reliably so that you can deal with other aspects of your business more easily.

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We have a highly experienced team with over 15 years of first-hand experience in HR, employment law and related areas. We work with a large range of businesses, from small companies that employ a handful of individuals to multi-national corporations. Our people are a mix of academics and industry experts, who have worked at senior levels for many years. We have highly educated professionals with experience in employment law as well as membership in the Chartered institute of Professional Development as Fellows.

Employment Law Advisor - HR Services

Below are some of the main employment law advisory services that we offer, but are not limited to:-

Employment contracts & service agreements

Employment dispute resolution

Settlement agreements

Pensions Law Advisory

Disciplinary & Grievance

Redundancy (Individual & collective)

Employment contracts & Service agreements

We can help you put together employment contracts and service agreements for your staff. These will let employees know what is expected of them and protect your business. Choosing Personology as your Employment Law Advisor we will make sure that your contracts meet the legal requirements of the modern workplace

Employment Law Dispute Advisor

Employment dispute resolution

When you have an employment dispute at work, it is important to resolve it quickly and appropriately. If the conflict is handled right away, often you can find a solution that meets the company’s and the employee’s needs. Employment disputes can happen for several reasons: staff may be having problems with pay or working conditions, or they may want to change job duties or work locations. There maybe disputes with maternity or paternity rights issues, or concerns about being laid off or disciplined. Employees may request flexible working arrangements because of health issues, or feel that they are being bullied, harassed, or discriminated against. As your Employment Law Advisor we can help you overcome conflict professionally, following the rules legally and supporting you throughout the process.

Settlement agreements

There are a number of options available to employers and employees for resolving employment disputes, including setting up a settlement agreement, using professional mediators or the use of arbitration services for unfair dismissal and flexible working claims. At Personology we can help your business understand the laws around this area and guide you through in a simple manner.



When it comes to redundancies, it is not easy and it is important to understand the legal aspects. Failure to do so could result in negative claims from former employees, like unfair dismissal and discrimination. This can damage your business’s reputation and cost you time and money. At Personology, we’re highly experienced in guiding a wide range of businesses through making employees redundant.


Not only can our team ensure that you understand your legal obligations, we can also support you through every stage of the redundancy process.


When working with Personology, you will be confident you are treating your employees fairly and protecting your business.

Pensions Law

An Employment Law Advisor will ensure that your business is in line with the latest pension regulations. If there are any concerns or disputes related to pension schemes, we will be there to support your business. We can also help you with the basic legal duties like understanding enrolment and the communication of pension plans.

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