Employment Law Updates

Helping Businesses Stay Compliant with Employment Law

April 2024 marked a pivotal shift in the UK's employment landscape.

Significant legal changes unfolded, affecting everything from the National Living Wage to flexible working rights and redundancy protections. These adjustments have a profound impact on how businesses operate and manage their staff. Personology is ready to provide a strategic review and adaptation service to ensure your business not only complies, but thrives with this new legislation.

HR Compliance without Compromise

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply. We’ll help your business comply with its legal obligations in a way suits – considering the unique aspects of your organisation and applying the changes effectively, within the specific context of your business.

Employment Law Changes Demand Attention Now

April’s deadline has been and gone. There’s no time to delay, especially if you want to turn a potentially challenging situation, into real competitive advantage.

The following items are all included in the upcoming employment law changes – requiring proper consideration and implementation…

• National Living Wage Increase

• Statutory Pay Rate Increases

• Rolled-Up Holiday Pay

• Flexible Working Rights

• Redundancy Protections

• Support for Parents & Carers

• Tips & Gratuities Protections

Action Plan for Seamless Implementation

Our approach to implementing these changes is systematic and comprehensive.



Impact Review

Detailed assessment to understand how changes will affect your business.



Policy Updates

Interpreting the employment law changes and defining company policies.



Employee Contract Updates

Ensuring legal documentation is compliant with new employment laws.



System Implementation

Adjusting and testing HR systems to accommodate changes.



Internal Communication

Articulating the changes, and what they mean to your business, to your team.



Ongoing Monitoring

Keeping a pulse on the implementation and making adjustments as necessary.


Custom HR Support for Your Business

Change in employment law can be complex, but with Personology, you’re never alone. Our professional team is ready to offer experienced HR support tailored specifically to the needs and nuances of your business.


We’ll partner with you to ensure that changes are implemented effectively, leaving you free to focus on your business’s growth and success.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call or email Personology now to secure the support you need to navigate these changes with confidence.

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