HR Audit

HR policies and procedures evolve and/or are inherited, and before you know it they are out of date or do not meet the needs of your business. It’s similar to not having your MOT done. While this is the case your insurance is not valid -likewise as long as your HR policies and procedures are out of date you are effectively unprepared for any possible incidents that should arise.

So to avoid this situation we offer an HR Health Check service where we review all of your documents and as well as identifying good and best practice, we will highlight all HR risk areas that need improvement. We won’t preach policy & procedure, we simply highlight potential problems & provide practical advice on how to navigate them, allowing you to spend less time firefighting and more time proactively planning, managing and focusing on strategy.

You will receive from us a written report giving you an action plan sorted by risk and priority outlining what needs updating/replacing and potential new policies and practices you need to meet the changing needs facing your business thus mitigating risks and  leaving you less exposed.

The HR Audit covers:

  • Sickness Absence- monitoring and managing poor attendance due to ill-health.
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Management- approach to, and confidence in, investigations and hearings.
  • Organisation Change, including growth, restructuring/redundancies.
  • Management & Storage of Documentation, including compliance with data protection.
  • Staffing Policies-written documents governing equal opportunities, disciplinary, grievance procedures etc.
  • Recruitment Procedures and Practice, including pre-employment checks, offer documentation, induction process and contracts of employment

We particularly advise health checks in the following situations:

  • Following a TUPE transfer.
  • Following a tribunal claim.
  • Significant business growth /change.
  • If your employee handbook has not been updated at least annually.

Fixed Fee £350 + VAT