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Why would an HR Director require an HR Business Partner?

Let’s take the example that you as an HR Director, receive feedback that engagement is low in your organisation. Employees are not motivated; punctuality is low and the turnover of staff is high. As a result, your business has been spending time and money on recruitment to replace the turnover of staff. Over time, this can affect financial targets, productivity, and innovation. As the HR Director, you a stronger with more resources and seek support from unbiased experienced professionals. You need a dedicated HR business partner you can call upon to assist you to find the source of the problem. Moreover, you need to be provided with options for a clear solution(s) and strategy. Personology are a reputable and respected HR Business Partner for businesses in the UK.

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Here is another example of how you would use an HR Business Partner:

Are you looking to expand to a new location? Our internal HR Business Partner can carry out critical research into this strategic move. Your business will have someone looking carefully into which areas are more suitable for growth. There are several key factors that go into a relocation, such as the rate of pay in that area/cost of living (house prices and rent). Access to skilled workers. Understanding whether there are other competitors in the area and understanding how this may benefit or impact your business. The analysis we will provide you with will give you a full appreciation of the proposed location from a human capital perspective.

Our HR Business Partners

Our HR Business Partners take on three roles within an organisation:

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Strategic Partner

Drive business value and help prioritise business needs. This could be finding a way to generate or analyse important metric data about your performance from a human resources perspective. Which will lead to drawing up new strategies for recruitment and/or retention. The priorities will all depend on the business needs and this will be discussed in meetings with the HR Director and other stakeholders. From our meetings, we are able to understand your business and prioritise based on value.

People Coach

We work with your department heads and line managers to understand employee challenges and provide coaching. The goal is to maintain or build a great culture for employee retention, business productivity, and innovation. We look at which leaders are responsible for the success of your team and we support and coach them.

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Relations Manager

A relations manager examines and improves the relationship between the employer, employees, and any employee representation groups. This role is varied and involves working with issues such as fraud, theft, misconduct, and health & safety.

HR Business Partner Expertise

business support

Business Acumen

A high level of business acumen is required for this role. Therefore, having the ability to be able to understand different businesses and their objectives is paramount.

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People Advocacy

People advocacy in the workplace is often referred to as making the workplace the best it can be. This involves being people focused to give everyone a voice and engage each employee. You carry this out successfully you need someone who is an excellent communicator and understands different people characteristics and cultures.

Analysis & Technique

As an HR Business Partner, you need knowledge of different tools and techniques to retrieve and analyse data. At Personology, we often review and/or act upon key performance indicators such as engagement, employee turnover, and other business data.

What makes a successful HR Business Partner?

A successful HR Business Partner has a deep understanding of how HR can make a business more successful. A human resources business partner is normally responsible for businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees. A successful HR Business Partner will work with different line managers and departments to create/maintain a productive workforce. The focus is to bring value to key stakeholders and align all HR activities to your business goals.

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HR Business Partner Summarised

In summary, our human resources business partner is a strategic professional whom you can call upon to provide new strategies for your business challenges and new ventures. Our HR Business Partners are experienced to align themselves with the needs of different businesses. Your current policies and procedures are not ignored, they are reviewed and followed when needed. We work with you as the HR Director and also key stakeholders within your business to achieve goals based on value. Your current HR team continues to carry out their day-to-day HR role and we operate with particular focuses and improve business strategies.

FAQ – HR Business Partner

Feel free to call us and we can start a brief confidential discussion about your business, performance, and objectives. We are here to work directly with your senior leadership team to develop and direct an HR agenda that closely supports the goals of your organisation. Our human resources business partners tend not to work within your current internal HR team on day-to-day activities. The role is usually a lot more focused on working with the board of directors or senior leadership team. Of course, we are happy to work with your HR team and involve them when required. It depends more on the focus and whether we are looking at day-to-day activities, exclusive/sensitive data, or new business ventures. Having access to additional and dedicated resources with experience has been essential for many of our clients.

These two roles are generally separate as they represent two different models of conducting HR within a business. The HR manager’s work focuses more around developing policies and ensuring procedures are followed. An HR manager is accountable for responsibilities such as processing payroll, recruitment, HR administration, and more. A human resources manager will oversee the HR department. On the other hand, a human resources business partner will not have these day-to-day responsibilities. Instead, this role sits with department managers, leadership teams/board of directors. The role involves looking at HR from a strategic level. This can often involve collaborating with the HR Manager whilst consulting with the executives with regard to developing HR initiatives and strategies.

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