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Our HR Consultancy in Carmarthen delivers all HR and related services to businesses in and around the area. We have an excellent legal core. For example, 50% of our team is qualified with law degrees. Additionally, our team has experience in employment law and membership in the Chartered Institute of Professional Development as Fellows. We have served other businesses in senior roles for over 10 years, with some as long as 30 years. For first-class HR Consultancy in Carmarthen, do not hesitate to contact us.

HR Consultancy Carmarthen

HR Consultancy Carmarthen - Examples Of Our Services

We have dedicated HR consultants in Carmarthen for different businesses in the area. Contact our team for any HR or employment law-related issues. Our services include templates for letters, policies and procedures for HR-related services. For instance, this might be for dismissal, maternity leave, flexible working, etc. Significantly, we also provide customised letters and policies for your company, tailored for the exact situation. Our team supports companies in person, via email, and over the telephone for advice. We support businesses with new starters and other changes / updates to your HR System(s). Additionally, we promote our online cloud-based HR System. Not every business is pressured to adopt this software but most find it very beneficial. This software is perfect for streamlining HR processes and centralising employee data.


Letters & Policies

Documents & Procedures

Keeping up to date

There are a vast number of HR-related scenarios and services. We have tried to keep our explanations brief and generalised. Every business uses our services differently. This depends on whether you require clerical HR work and/or your business is trying to manage a complex dispute. Therefore, if we don’t mention a particular task or scenario, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your query.

HR Consultancy Carmarthen

Personology for HR Consultancy in Carmarthen

Our team is passionate about building strong relationships and protecting your business with employment law. We are a people-orientated company that provides extensive services for HR consultancy in Carmarthen. To get a picture of the type of tasks we carry out for other businesses see below. We are not limited to these tasks and therefore if you have something specific in mind, contact us today.

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HR Consultancy Carmarthen - Summarised

When researching for the right HR consultancy in Carmarthen for your business, consider the following:

quality service

Knowledge & Expertise

Picking the right HR company is important, you need to ensure that employee matters are handled fairly and legally.

quality service

Time served handling HR tasks vs Time spent improving your sales/services

In reality, businesses without expert HR services will tend to waste a lot of time dealing with HR issues.

quality service

Complicated jargon vs Clear concise HR support

If your business is keen on finding straightforward and bespoke HR support services then please get in touch with us.

quality service

Team Spirit & People Management

We are proud of what we do and have a great team to support a wide range of businesses for HR consultancy in Carmarthen. Our support frees you from HR-related projects and tasks. As a result, this provides you with the time to people manage and improve your products and services.

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Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual business. We can assist with day-to-day queries, up to handling complex scenarios that might include tribunal claims. Our approach is always people-focused, as we believe that people are a key asset to any business. Some businesses are not cautious of employment law and leave themselves open with processes and paperwork. However, when they move over to Personology, we make sure all HR processes are reviewed and enhanced. Our HR strategy ensures quality and that our clients are happy with the service that they receive.

Our Services

Our advisors will help companies resolve disputes professionally. We follow rules legally and support businesses throughout this process. We are also experienced in guiding businesses through making employees redundant. Not only can we ensure that you follow legal obligations, but we can also support you throughout the redundancy process. On the recruitment side, our team can help with employment contracts and service agreements for your employees. If you have any questions relating to HR consultancy in Carmarthen, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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If you are interested in booking a free consultation with an experienced member of our HR consultancy team, please give us a call. For your convenience, we have also provided a contact form in case you would prefer to send us a message. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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If you would like to find out more about our HR consultancy services in Carmarthen, please either call us on 01792 296178 or send us a message below.  All our conversations are 100% confidential and no obligation.

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