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Our HR consultants in Wales provide human resources and related services to businesses. Our team supports companies both in person and over the phone for advice (e.g., dismissal, maternity leave, flexible working). Contact our team for any HR or employment law-related issues. Our services include templates for letters, policies and procedures tailored to your needs. We also provide customised letters and policies for your company, tailored to the exact situation. Our team also supports businesses with new starters as well as handling any changes to your HR system. We can also introduce you to our state-of-the-art cloud-based software, to streamline your HR processes and centralises employee data. (If you choose to use our dedicated HR software – this is not mandatory for customers.)

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Our team of HR Consultants in Wales provides your business with the following:

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We have served other businesses in senior roles for over 10 years, with some as long as 30 years. It’s important to pick the right HR consultant in Wales, to ensure that employee matters are handled fairly and legally.

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We take the work out of your hands, allowing you to focus on delivering products or services and building your business. Don’t spend your time dealing with HR issues, when we can do this for you.

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Clear & Concise Support – No Jargon

Our team avoids complicated jargon, instead, we focus on delivering more for businesses and building relationships. For bespoke HR support services and a straightforward HR partner, choose Personology.

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Positive Work Culture

As well as legal guidance, optional HR software, HR administration & responsibilities, we also provide positive energy to businesses. Whether we are welcoming a new starter to your team or supporting your business through a dispute. We will be part of your company culture and make a positive impact.

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With each of the key areas above, there are a vast number of scenarios and processes to consider. Every business we work with requires different levels of support depending on its size, industry & strategy. We can support businesses with HR-related clerical work right up to managing complex disputes. If when reading our website gets you thinking about a particular aspect of our work – don’t hesitate to contact us with your query. By nature, we are people-orientated and we like to help different businesses in and around Wales. Our team is passionate about relationship building as well as protecting businesses with employment law and other HR aspects. We are not limited to the key areas above and therefore if you have something specific in mind, contact us today.

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Our services are customised to meet the needs of the different businesses in and around Wales. At Personology, we work with businesses regularly with routine HR tasks as well as more complicated HR related challenges. If we are working with a company to investigate a dispute, this is resolved in the right manner. Our team is experienced in following legal processes, ensuring that you follow legal obligations, and supporting you throughout. For new starters, we can be as involved as you would like us to be with inductions, employment contracts, and service agreements. Our HR consultants in Wales will complement your business with quality HR and allow you to focus on other matters.

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HR Consultants Wales | FAQ

Using another business to assist you with HR has huge benefits. We can help you with that in-between period of growth between small and medium sizes, or medium to corporate. Smaller companies don’t have time to be dealing with HR-related tasks themselves. We can be there for you as you grow and decide to choose to bring in your human resources. Alternatively, you might be a medium-sized organisation but due to a recent expansion or turnover in staff, you require additional resources. You might contact a HR consultant for HR admin, right the way up to carrying out a complex investigation. Using a professional from the outside can be very important if you have a complicated case with a high level of risk involved. It could also be that your ‘go-to support’ is caught up in something else and external support is required. If you are looking for a thorough, experienced and consistent approach, contact our HR Consultants in Wales.

At Personology we can support with staff handbooks, letters and policies, as well as pension law, appraisals, timesheets, as well as staff holiday planning. If you find yourselves in difficult circumstances, we also handle absence management, employment law advisory, disciplinary support, and misconduct. Our approach to people management is always straightforward – we are naturally compassionate and empathetic. When working in conflict management, we would use positive psychology and create a safe and secure environment. We are experienced to take any difficult situation and use the most effective problem-solving techniques.

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