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Our HR for small businesses in Wales is greatly appreciated by different businesses. Perfect if you are searching for external HR companies in Wales. We have tiered packages available, there are medium-sized companies also using Personology as their external HR company.

Our HR For Small Businesses In Wales

If you are researching external HR companies in Wales you have come to the right place. We deliver quality HR for small businesses in Wales. Our HR team often takes responsibility for a number of tasks for different businesses. Often this is developing HR policies and procedures and ensuring legal compliance. For some businesses, we can be involved in payroll and benefits to help you retain talent. On the other hand, we support businesses with disputes which can be a strong advantage in using external HR companies. The non-bias, empathetic approach often far outweighs someone who might be too close to the dispute to resolve it.

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Benefits Of Our HR For Small Businesses in Wales

If you are wondering how we work when it comes to HR for small businesses in Wales, let us explain. Smaller businesses may require our team for particular tasks and medium-sized businesses might call upon us for the full package. When using external HR companies, you might like support with welcoming new members of staff. Or simply assisting with routine tasks right up to substantial involvement with an investigation. We can customise employment agreements so that they reflect company and personal objectives. Our team can also help you deal with other complaints and disputes between customers or colleagues. We are qualified and experienced to understand the law; we can settle disputes promptly to save you time and money. If you are seeking professional HR for small businesses in Wales, contact us today.

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HR For Medium Sized Businesses In Wales

As businesses grow and the complexity evolves, new challenges are presented. Conflict of interest can develop, or just simply – more people, more people management required. Our HR for medium sized businesses in Wales may involve carrying out lengthy investigations which may lead to action measures. We have a proven record of conducting this type of work efficiently, with the right level of detail. Often when dealing with accusations or misconduct it is better for certain senior staff to avoid and be distracted. It is also natural for people to want to distance themselves from the environment to avoid losing focus. Our HR For Medium Sized Businesses in Wales can remove the stress from Senior Managers and business owners. We carry out investigations to meet your requirements and more importantly keep your reputation intact. Our HR for businesses in Wales can support you with:

Summary Of Our Services

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Professional HR For Small Businesses in Wales

External HR companies are a great source of strength as your business grows from small to large. If you want to develop and stay flexible, you need to adapt to deal with complexity. We are experienced in providing HR For small businesses in Wales and the value we add isn’t just extra manpower. When you use our services, you will find we help you when you are in the most difficult HR-related scenarios. We can limit the damage that can be caused in certain difficult situations. Our services can protect relationships at every level (colleagues, supervisory, as well as, management). We involve fewer parties during a dispute, which often avoids dividing colleagues/teams. Using external HR companies can also ease fear/anxiety and allow your day-to-day responsibilities to resume.

HR For Small & Medium Sized Businesses In Wales

There have been many news headlines criticising companies for unfairly dismissing their employees over the years. This can be damaging to your reputation and have a financial impact on your business. We support businesses in Wales to ensure you are compliant and credible when dealing with multiple issues. Our support can be provided for fraud, misconduct, bullying, harassment as well as regulatory non-compliance.

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Your Trusted External HR Company

We believe that your employees should be taken care of and supported. Our clients are put first and we aim to be the best external HR company in Wales. If you are interested in any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us and start a discussion. We work with a lot of different businesses and we can be there while you grow.

FAQ - HR For Small Businesses in Wales

External HR companies can deliver HR admin-related tasks, all the way up to carrying out a complex investigation. There might be instances when you have a complex case that carries a high level of risk. Dealing with this might be a big distraction and leave you to neglect other important parts of your role. On the other hand, the people you might seek support from could be caught up in the situation themselves. For a thorough and consistent approach, contact us about HR for small businesses in Wales.

We provide customised HR solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Our work might involve developing your staff handbooks or supporting you with training and inductions. We support businesses in Wales with appraisals, timesheets, as well as staff holiday planning. Our team can also guide you with the latest on pension law and employment law.

Our support is tiered and can be reviewed when we work together.  We can discuss whether you require our services for employment law advisory, absence management, or disciplinary support.

We often approach a situation with a natural compassionate human response. Investigations need to be handled with an empathetic approach throughout the whole process. Anything other can be damaging for any party involved. In a situation of conflict, we use positive psychology to create a safe and secure environment. Our approach allows people to talk freely and honestly about any problems that they have. As a result, we can work towards a resolution and help you move on.

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