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What is Personology People?

Personology People is an HR management software platform designed to help businesses manage human resources tasks with ease. Its core benefits are:

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Our HR management software can ensure you are fully compliant with UK Employment Law by guiding you through a simple process.

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Holiday Management

HR Software can help you keep track of your employees' holiday calendars in one central place.

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Employee Database

How great would it be to have all your employees' data in one location? Including employment contracts! Our HR Management software securely collates all this data in one, easy to reach place.

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Document Storage

Securely store your company's documentation all in one location online. Then easily allow access to certain employees at the touch of a button.

Personology has over 20 years of experience in the HR management sector and we know that supplying our clients with a service that streamlines HR administration allows managers to focus on achieving business success much more easily.  Our HR management software provides that!


From large businesses with an in-house HR Department to smaller entities, our HR software will provide your business with a professional and cost-efficient toolkit designed to deliver a platform that manages all of your HR administration in house and from anywhere in the world.


We understand that HR administration can be time-consuming, that’s why our platform allows employees to request and self serve their HR needs at the touch of a button all while being time efficient and secure. 

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Modular HR Management Software

Personology People toolkit suite

With Personlogy’s Modular HR  Management Software, you can choose the exact services your business needs to manage its Human Resources.  This means you only pay for what you need, saving you money and freeing up time that can be better spent on running your organisation.

Absence Management

Our HR management software allows you to Manage different types of absence.

Staff Holiday Planning

Holiday management with automated entitlements.

Employee Timesheets

Comprehensive & accurate reporting of employee work schedule.

Staff Handbook

Centralised staff handbook available for employees to read anytime


Manage and monitor employee appraisals and performance


Manage and track HR records and documents with our HR management software.

Training & Induction

Record and manage employee development and upskilling

The benefits of HR management software to your business

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Flexible, Modular, and Integrated

Intuitive HR software that supports areas of your business that need it most, with personalised reports that underpin perceptive action plans.

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Cloud-based Convenience

Our HR management software can be used from any device in any location with the internet, meaning you don't have to be tethered to your desk.

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Up to date HR Management Software

By using cloud-based HR software you get immediate access to the latest software releases! Your local, national and global workforce is connected 24 hours a day to the same systems.

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No maintenance costs

Utilizing software in the Cloud means you don’t need new hardware or specialist software. There is no software to install on the staff PC (desktops) as our hosted solutions are accessed via a standard web browser, making them available to an ever-increasing mobile workforce.

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100% secure HR software

Full secure HR management software service, with all data stored off-site.

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All-in-one package

No ‘parent system’ is required, and you can choose the specific modules that suit the needs of your business.

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No installations or downloads

All our HR management software is cloud-based meaning there is nothing to install. All you need a is a web browser.

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Training & Support

To hit the ground running with our HR software, we give you in-depth training prior to deployment & we also offer after-sales support for ongoing care.

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Fully customisable HR Software

Use as a standalone system, or as part of cloud-based HR system solution. We can also provide custom HR software feeds for your existing systems, such as payroll or SAP, if required (ask us for a customised proposal).

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HR management software designed by HR specialists,
simple enough to be used by anyone.

Personology has been providing HR support services for over 20 years, and by combining our broad range of skills and experiences with the expertise of an award-winning software leader, we developed our HR management software, Personology People.


Personology People is HR software specifically designed for business owners and HR specialists, by HR specialists, purposefully developed to empower your managers and employees by removing administrative HR headaches.


We have created a practical, user-friendly interface and dashboard that anyone can use; its simple layout simple delivering quick and easy access to the platform’s core features.


What’s more, Personology People HR software is modular and cloud-based, accessible anywhere from any device, which means it is extremely flexible and purposefully designed to fit your needs, so you will never have to pay for more functionality than you need.

The benefits of a fully customisable, modular, HR management software

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Unlike other HR Software on the market, we aren’t simply a document recording and storage system. Personology People is designed to assist and support you to actively manage HR data within your business.


There is no minimum requirement in terms of modules and whilst designed to integrate and complement one another they also can be used singularly to support you and your organisation.


People remain at the heart of what we do, and this is reflected in our software which is designed to meet the needs of every one of our customers, regardless of sector or number of employees.

As part of our service, you will receive administrator training before deployment and our ‘after sales’ client support is ongoing.

Our customers regularly praise our cloud-based HR system support team, and to ensure they remain on target, our overwhelmingly positive client reviews are a testament to our drive for excellence in our service provision.


Our HR support team understand high-level business objectives and creates deliberate, proactive solutions that will assist your organisation to achieve those objectives.


Personology People is an important feature in those solutions, and providing the right support after deployment is just as vital.


We earn and foster the trust of our customers through knowledgeable advice and guidance, meaning our client care is second to none!

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