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Our HR Document Management Software

Our HR Document Management Software works as an efficient document library for HR documents such as policies, procedures, CVs, employee details, and more. The simplicity of uploading and downloading files such as training records and handbooks is highly appreciated by many HR professionals. Furthermore, this software also provides efficiency to Department Managers and Team Members. And it does this by enabling quick access to only the most relevant information for each person’s job role.

hr document management software for policies and procedures
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Access our HR Document Management Software from anywhere

As businesses are growing, with some adapting to the modern working-from-home (WFH) approach, information sharing has never been so important. Not only does our HR Document Management Software provide a solution for office-based teams but it’s also just as effective when WFH (or away at another site). Basically, anywhere you have an internet connection, you will be able to access this software. Whether that be via a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. All you need to do is login to access and download the files you need, from wherever you are.

One central location for documents & information

This software provides businesses with one central place to view information. For your business, this can mean an end to various folders spread across different areas on your server(s)! Which might have been fine when your business was small. However, when your business starts growing, things get complicated with different users accessing different folders on the server. Does this sound familiar? With our software, all of your documents will be found in one place and can be accessed by the employee from anywhere, at any time. For the purposes of confidentiality and GDPR, this software also has tiered user access. This key feature enables employees to have access to relevant company documents (and their own personal information).

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Why businesses prefer to use our HR Document Management Software

Is your HR Manager handling information across different areas of your IT server(s)? Is this person forever concerned about document revision control? Are they frequently having to send out updated information and documents to people individually? Well not anymore. Our HR Document Management Software has been designed to eliminate all of the above, which allows HR and Upper Management to focus on the main goals within their core roles. The most successful companies in every industry do not tie key people up with complicated processes. Instead, they use efficient tools which give themselves time to focus on people management, and developing strategies for new employees & retention of existing ones.

Key Features Summarised

Personal information, company policies & procedures, visas, etc.

For HR, Department Managers & Team Members.

Holidays, Absence (including the Bradford Factor).

Reminders, customised reporting & dashboards.

If customised (mention this when contacting us, if you’re interested to know more).

hr document management software key features

Key Advantages Summarised

hr document management software advantages

Less time on administration, finding documents, and distributing information.

This can lead to a more manageable workload or a better work/life balance. Or this might lead to more time to spend on other more important tasks within the business that affect the bottom line.

With greater efficiency and the ability to access people’s calendars, you can plan ahead for every project or task (to work around absences).

With all of the above you are likely to notice a difference in stress levels, which is linked to better mental health.

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It’s common for businesses to be sceptical, or a little bit hesitant about new software and systems. You want to be confident that what you’re about to do is going to make a positive impact on your business. It’s common for us to receive an inquiry and then give you access to a free demonstration prior to any decision-making. But not only do we help you to understand the software with a demo, but we are also a team of HR Professionals. This means that we are in a great place to show you our HR Document Management Software.  We can easily explain to you how everything works on an operational level. Then once you grasp how everything operates, we can then show you how this will make a strong and positive impact on your business from the get-go.

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FAQ – About our HR Document Management Software

Not only does this software offer you a centralised location for everything, but there are also other factors that make it the best HR Document Management Software to switch to. For example, the way that the software has been designed – the menu system, dashboard, and reminders. You no longer need to have information in different databases or different folders on your server.

There are many ways you can customise this software! If you need to be able to produce different reports, with different information on them, you can produce a customised report. As mentioned, the software has a dashboard which can be customised to show the more relevant information to your role. Also, this software is modular, enabling you to only select the modules that you require for your business.

We’ve mentioned that having the ability to monitor employees’ holidays and absences is very important in any business. It’s having awareness of calendars and holidays that provides better project and resource planning. But aside from this also having analytics for sickness is important too. For many Managers, it’s a difficult conversation to have when you’re faced with someone who has a high absence record. Without the right data, in the right format, you can be open to problems. The best practice to handle this situation is with data and placing your conversations at the right moments. If you don’t have the data and you’re regularly having to find out reasons for absence from the same person directly, this can (in some cases) cause issues.