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Market-leading staff management software designed for businesses in the UK.

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Introduction To Our Staff Management Software

Personology People is staff management software that has proven to be advantageous for a lot of businesses in the UK. Our software helps with the daily tasks of managing and supporting your employees. As a result of using the software a lot of our clients have become more efficient in their operations. Having robust and organised processes in your business simplifies tasks and frees up your time to manage staff.

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User Access Levels

Our software has tiered access levels for obtaining certain information. Since the database is secure, with tiered access, this has broken customers free of spreadsheets and other systems.

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Single Source Of Information

Our software is the perfect choice for staff management. Having up-to-date dedicated software is needed as your business grows.

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Employment Law

We are confident that the software design and setup will be a guide for UK Employment Law. With this in mind, if you have employment law concerns within your business, contact us for employment law advice.

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Holiday & Absence Calendars

Our software provides different ways to view holidays, also allowing you to see at the department level. With easy access to calendars, this is a big help with resource planning.

For over 20 years we have been providing businesses with the support and/or software to streamline processes. Our software serves all of your HR needs securely and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our software and how it can benefit you.

Staff Management Software - Modular

Our software is modular and, as a result, you can pick and choose features. By the same token, this allows you to cut costs by only selecting the modules you need. Here are some of the staff management tasks our software is used for:

Benefits of Staff Management Software:

Staff Management Software - Customise

We can customise our software to connect to your existing systems. For example, for payroll or SAP. In the event you require this feature, contact us for a customised proposal and we can discuss this further.

Staff Management Software Overview

Below are brief examples of our software. To get the best view of the software, we suggest that you sign up for a demonstration. If you contact us for a demonstration, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions if needed.

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Dashboard Widgets

Our dashboard page is made up of widgets. Each individual widget provides a visual of staff information. Our dashboard is configurable, therefore you can pick and choose widgets. The different dashboard layouts suit personal preferences or particular management-related job roles.

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Our notifications widget includes information such as ‘my direct reports currently absent’, ‘leave requests awaiting approval, and ‘timesheets awaiting approval. Prior to customers using our software, they created their own notification system, which they found to be time-consuming.

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Personal Calendar

Our software allows you to view leave requests, holidays booked, absences, etc. Having all of this information on one page gives you a full picture of the year. In the event of requesting leave and waiting for approval, this will be marked on your calendar.

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Having dedicated software will naturally automate a lot of processes for you. For example, holiday requests automatically drop into calendars and notifications. Furthermore, other advantages are having the ability to look down your staff list and see the status of each individual.

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Calendar key

We realise that not everyone likes to memorise the different colours on a calendar. You have enough to think about right? We have visible calendar keys allowing you to view statuses, like holidays awaiting approval or public holidays.

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Request Leave

Hopefully, from this brief view of the software, you get an appreciation that the tools are efficient for requesting leave. On this page, we have chosen to provide you with small examples of this software. However, bear in mind that a demonstration will give you a much better idea of how everything works.

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My Leave

If you lead a busy life, it is nice to be able to see your leave summarised! It is a good reminder sometimes, to get work tasks completed before your holidays. Or a reminder to hand over a project to a colleague while you are away.

Days Remaining

We all come to a point in the year where we are asked to book any remaining holidays. At this point, it is good to have a visual of what is left and plan accordingly. If you have any questions about our software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Time Planning

In order to successfully resource plan, it is important to know the availability of your staff. Our staff management software is great at providing different ways to look at calendars (personal, departmental).

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Employee Leave Summary & Bradford Factor

For the occasional times when you need to analyse employment leave and the Bradford factor, this is also available. We can guide you through a demonstration if you would like to understand these features within the software.

Our Staff Management Software For Business Growth

The Microsoft Office suite is a good place to start for most businesses. However, as you grow your business, the tools and the approach often need to develop with this growth. Dedicated software for operations such as staff management are key when looking at a new approach. Should you contact us for a demonstration or simply more information, we will take the time to explain our staff management software.

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