NEWS FLASH – Employees are refusing to come back to work!

It’s true – Just as you thought things were going to get a little easier a new threat comes looming and dealing with it correctly is vital in order to avoid HR hell in the future.

However, many small businesses are reporting major issues in getting staff back to their roles, after three months being at home:



  • Workers being too scared to come back to work and are being signed off due to anxiety
  • Staff not wanting to come back to work, who would rather be furloughed for a bit longer
  • Can’t work due to childcare issues

Employer Guidelines

Those who are struggling mentally of course need to be treated with empathy and care, but what do you do with staff who simply want to be furloughed for longer?

This is a challenge that is likely to gain strength over the coming weeks and businesses must tread carefully and understand the employee’s rights.

The issue is undoubtedly complex, and the situation is unique for every type of business and every employee, which is why ensuring you handle each case correctly and in the bounds of HR policy is imperative if you want to protect your business from costly tribunal cases and lawsuits in the future.

How HCHR Can Help

Why risk it to chance that you will get it right, particularly after the huge impact the current circumstances are having on your business, when for such a small outlay you can ensure that you have definitely followed all of the correct procedures and treated each and every employee fairly and within the bounds of the law.