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“Personology offers outsourced HR in the UK with a difference.  We’ve rebranded to Personology – this is to better reflect our commitment to you and your people, as your employees really are the key to the success of your business. In turn, your people will become our priority, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.”

Shakira – Managing Director

Personology! Well...that dosent sound like your usual Outsourced HR company, does it?...

That’s because we’re not. Of course, we still provide professional outsourced human resource support but we are also proud to say we put “people” as our priority. We have over 30 years of experience in providing outsourced HR and our team has a strong legal core, with over half of us possessing law degrees and experience in employment law.  So rest assured, you’re in the right hands.


Why is it important to outsource your HR?

The Human Resource department is essential in virtually every organisation.  This department resides over and is responsible for a broad range of functions including overseeing the payroll of employees, employee health administration and benefits, and tax filing. In addition to these day-to-day operations, the Human Resource department deals with legal compliance, the development and implementation of policies and procedures and oversees recruitment and training…to name a few.


Some large organisations have the capability to handle all their HR functions in-house. However, for others, and particularly small businesses, the broad nature of human resource functions is too complex and comprehensive to maintain in this way. These companies will find outsourcing the HR Services to human resources consultancy to be extremely beneficial.

24/7 support

Although our contractual office contact hours are 9am – 6pm, we pride ourselves on being available to you when you need us, even during evenings and weekends.

When you want to talk to someone about outsourcing your HR. We will be here to listen Anytime!

Unrestricted advice

We are not bound by the usual red tape associated with underwritten insurance policies – a conscious decision of ours. This means that we can promise to provide you with completely unrestricted advice and not shackled by rigid policy restraints.

Just real people

We are not a faceless service – surprisingly enough, we are real people! You won’t deal with an anonymous case handler when you call us. You will be assigned a key consultant who will assist you throughout and be familiar with your ongoing issues

Bespoke service

Employees are understandably your company's biggest asset and at Personlogy we are passionate about how you run your business and manage your people - there is no “one rule fits all” approach to our outsourced HR.

No jargon

We appreciate that you've got enough on your plate without being bombarded by stale textbook guidance, which is full of unhelpful jargon. If you want straightforward, HR guidance that doesn’t beat around the bush, then you are in the right place.


All of our consultants have been ‘in the business' at senior levels for a minimum of 15 years, some as long as 30! Along with this, our team has a strong legal core, with over half of us possessing law degrees and experience in employment law.

Reducing costs through HR outsourcing

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing Human Resource functions is saving the organisation money. Setting up an in-house HR department can involve costly back-office expenses, which do not generate any new revenue. This means the company essentially spends money that they may never recover.

In addition, a fully functioning HR department needs highly trained staff and extra office space, all of which can cost huge sums of money. It makes economic sense therefore, to outsource human resource functions rather than to move into a new and larger office building to make space for a brand new HR department.

Outsourced HR Risks

Minimise risk with outsourced HR

Human Resources outsourcing can help organisations to minimise risk. Employment legislation and regulations change constantly, and it can be tough for employers to keep up with them. Employers may actually find themselves left behind when it comes to laws that affect the workplace and so outsourcing to HR consultants can ensure that they have highly trained professionals whose sole work is to keep up with such laws and keep their clients’ companies away from danger.


These consultants help businesses to comply with all these laws and avoid expensive lawsuits that employees might bring against them too. In addition to this, they also audit and maintain company practices and policies to help protect the company’s best interests.

Increase employee development through outsourced HR

When an organisation outsources its Human Resource functions, it is able to manage employee development and performance more effectively as a result. The HR consultancy is able to put into action performance management plans to make certain workers comply with the company’s practices and policies to meet business goals successfully.

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Outsourced HR helps workplace efficiency

Critical to any business organisation is maintaining a productive and efficient workplace. Once you outsource your HR function, you form a greater efficiency within the human resource systems.

When you outsource your HR function, managers are able to spend less time on HR paperwork and more time focusing their skills on making the workplace more efficient – surely what any business owner wants and needs to thrive.

In other words, through HR outsourcing, an organisation will be able to focus on business productivity. Instead of spending time handling routine administrative tasks, employers can focus on more strategic functions of the business that can have greater rates of return.

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