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Our market-leading people management software has been effective for many different types of businesses in the UK. Read on to find out more.

What Is Personology People Management Software?

Personology People Management Software help businesses with the day-to-day tasks of managing and supporting employees. When using our market-leading software you will find it easier to perform all the jobs involved in running a business. With easy access to calendar sharing, absence, general employee data, induction/training records, you will be glad your administration is organised. Having organised administration, your time can be spent on relationship building which is equally important to businesses in the UK.

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Modular People Management Software

Our People Management Software is broken into modules. As a result, you can pick and choose the features that will help your business. Furthermore, with modular People Management Software, you can cut costs by only selecting the modules you need. Here are some of the tasks our software is used for:

employment advice

Employment Law

Our software will be able to guide you with Employment Law in the UK. We are confident that the software design and setup will benefit your business. If you have any employment law concerns anyway, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

people management

Holiday & Absence Tracking

Our software provides a different way to view holidays so that you can interchange between department levels etc. Easy access to calendars gives you visibility hence it prevents any awkwardness memorising people’s holidays and requests.

people management tiered software

Tiered User Access

As you will no doubt suspect, our software has tiered user levels. Knowing the database is secure with tiered access has allowed our customers to come away from spreadsheets and other systems.

central location

Central Location

A central location for storage with tiered access levels, should be a minimum for any people management software. Our software is the perfect choice for people management. Having up to date dedicated software is needed as your business grows.

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We have been providing HR solutions for over 20 years, ensuring businesses can streamline their HR administration so they can focus on people management and getting the best from their employees. Our software allows you to request and self-serve all your HR needs at the touch of a button; all while being secure and efficient. If you would like to know more about our software, please don’t hesitate to contact us today via email or telephone.

Benefits of People Management Software:

Customisable People Management Software

This software can be customised to work with other software packages, such as Payroll & SAP. In the event you require this, ask us for a customised proposal and we can discuss this further.

People Management Software Overview

Below are brief examples of our software. We would be happy to schedule a demonstration so that you can see the software in action. Having a demonstration also gives you the ability to ask questions if needed.

people management software homepage


The dashboard is made up of widgets. Each individual widget gives you a visual of your business and people management related information. Our dashboard is configurable, which means you can pick and choose widgets. Each employee might prefer a different dashboard layout depending on their role and responsibilities.

notifications on people software


The notifications widget holds information like ‘leave requests awaiting approval’, ‘my direct reports currently absent’, and ‘timesheets awaiting approval. When you are running spreadsheets and various other systems you tend to have to create your own notification system. Our software does this all for you.

personal calendar in software tools

Personal Calendar

Our software allows you to select your calendar and view leave requests, absences, holidays booked, etc, and get a picture of your year in full. In the event of requesting leave using the software and waiting for approval, this will be marked on your calendar.

colour coded key

Calendar Key

The calendar is colour-coded so that you can easily see why each team member is out of the office (training, holiday, absence, etc).

holiday requests are easy to process

Processing Holiday Requests

Requesting leave is a simple process to follow. Therefore, if you are reluctant to move to our system, rest assured the software is efficient.

Keen to learn more?

We know that many small businesses use Microsoft Office programs and lock down files in folders to restrict user access. However, we also know that our customers have found our software a breath of fresh air. Our tool is designed for the job, not just an add-on to your current way of working. Sometimes we get used to working in a certain way and don’t notice other ways of working. If you are considering improving your HR processes and would like to know more about how we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a people-orientated company that goes the extra mile to support you.

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