Performance Management

Achieving the Basics of Performance Management

At Personology we understand that employees are your most precious asset (the clue is in our name!), and their performance is intrinsic to and impacts on the success and realization of business objectives and goals.

Performance management is an area of HR practice that can allow you to systematically measure performance so you can take steps to reward success and intervene when the identified standard of performance falls short of what is required.

To this end, we can help you set benchmarks for performance analysis on an ongoing basis. By supporting and assisting we will ensure that Managers have the right tools in order to manage the performance of their team or department. 

Too often managers are afraid to manage or do not have the skills to get the best from their staff. We believe that different management approaches that can be adopted in order to ensure that your targets are met i.e. setting the standard required, communication, motivation and informal/formal procedures.

So to in order assist your management during this challenging and vital procedure we will:


  • Identify any hot spots/trends of when performance falls below the company standard
  • Help determine the most appropriate steps to take, either informally through support, education or training
  • Where necessary, when individual performance does not meet or maintain the required standard advise on formal disciplinary action, supporting you through a staged process of meetings and drafting letters etc.