We offer you a different way of finding the right people


We know how stressful finding the right people for your business can be, especially as we have all, at some point in our lives, had to go through the process sat on the other side of the table. Not only is it time-consuming and expensive, you also have to trawl through an endless sea of CVs. On top of this, ultimately employing the wrong person can cause a further, more substantial drain on your resources, time and effort. Recruit in haste, repent at leisure!

So rather than adopting the common recruitment “model” of charging a percentage based on the position’s salary, the package on offer or an agreed fee based on the number of successful appointments, we just charge for the time we spend on your recruitment – simple and transparent.

We find that this is a much more cost-effective approach, creating savings between 20% - 70% in comparison to recruitment agency fees, as well as having a higher success rate.

We recruit at all levels and across any industry and sector – from one member of staff to a whole workforce for an entire site opening. In addition to sourcing candidates, we can also offer other related services e.g. Psychometric assessments, profiling/assessment centres, pre-employment screening, reference checking, offer letters, contracts of employment, probationary objectives and induction training.

Based on our mantra, “People are your business”, we always believe that it is common decency to reply to every applicant, even if unsuccessful. Who knows, they may just cross our paths in the future, whether it be in a different, more suited role or even as a potential client. How you treat other people is a reflection of you and your business.



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