Recruitment Services

We all agree that recruitment is time consuming and expensive – which is why finding the right candidate first time is vital. Hiring the wrong candidate is more time consuming and even more costly!

Recognising this cost and wanting to offer our clients a more cost effective recruitment process we charge by our time rather than % of salary, irrespective of the salary package or the number of staff being recruited.

The £’s savings, when compared with recruiting via an agency, are considerable for example:

Vacancy £25,000 Agency fee @20% = £5,000 Personology fee based on time spent = c £3,500  = a colossal saving of £1,500

Vacancy £ 50,000 Agency fee 30% = £15,000 Personology fee based on time spent =c £3,500 = a colossal saving of £11,500


We recruit at all levels e.g. non-executive directors, directors, managers senior, middle, junior, shop floor and in any industry sector e.g. manufacturing, education, care, retail, technology, engineering, scientific, housing association, legal etc.

We act as your company’s representative recruiting under your logo, or if you prefer, for confidentiality purposes, under the Personology banner. You give us the brief, we prepare and implement the strategy. We will identify the competencies, skills and experience required and source the ‘best fit candidate’. We interview the candidates and draw up the shortlist. This way your managers’ / directors’ time is not stolen away from their valuable daily activities and their next task is to interview a select number of candidates who are genuinely interested in your vacancy and whose skills and experience are relevant to your Company and its culture.

We always reply to every applicant.