We understand that such situations can be upsetting for all involved, so we aim to treat such processes with dignity and respect


We appreciate that when a business has to consider restructuring or making redundancies, times are already difficult. Having us in your corner will provide you with the support and confidence that the process is being followed correctly.

For many managers, making people redundant is a new and unwelcome experience –  which can almost be as emotionally difficult for the manager as it is for the employee at risk. However, when a redundancy situation arises, it is essential that you understand your legal obligations and the steps you need to undertake.

Failing to carry out a fair redundancy process could potentially result in employees who have been made redundant bringing claims against the business, e.g. unfair dismissal and discrimination. Not only can this impact your business financially, it can be a drain on your time and also have a very negative impact on your reputation if not followed properly.

Our experience shows it is entirely possible to achieve business change whilst being fair and treating your employees with dignity and respect. Granted - redundancies aren’t always comfortable, but when handled well, people can have a better understanding as to why the decision has been made, allowing the Company to grow from strength to strength.

Our industry experienced HR Advisors have managed a wide range of redundancies, in a wide range of industries, from 1 or 2 people, groups of people/departments, to unit/company closures and the complicated restructuring following company mergers and TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006) situations.

It is also important to understand that if you are considering making 20 or more employees redundant within a period of 90 days or less, there is an added obligation placed upon you to undertake collective consultation, which includes the appointment of employee representatives.

We can provide clear, pragmatic redundancy advice for issues including:

  • Redundancies, lay-offs and short-time working
  • Avoiding redundancies
  • Redundancy consultation: collective/individual
  • Planning redundancy communication and follow through
  • Rights of redundant employees
  • How to help redundant employee
  • Identifying and resolving potential problems during
    & following redundancies
  • Planning ahead to avoid redundancy.
  • Statutory redundancy pay
  • Settlement agreements
  • TUPE
  • Dealing with unfair dismissal and other claims arising from redundancies


We will help guide you through the necessary procedures and difficult decisions that naturally come as a result of a potential redundancy situation.


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