Personology Ltd is a forward-looking Company that constantly seeks to improve its performance and deliver high levels of quality in all areas of activities. 

Personology Ltd will conduct its business in an honest, ethical and legally compliant manner in accordance with the company’s values and Code of Conduct. We are committed to acting fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate, including in relation to our corporate and social responsibilities. We shall not allow unfair, inequitable or biased behaviours to develop because of conflicts of interest and we shall manage our business dealings to avoid such conflicts of interest arising. 

We have an ambitious, innovative and technically advanced approach to business activities. We are a company that: 

  • upholds, and as a minimum complies with, all UK and International laws and regulations relevant to our activities 
  • operates in accordance with our Articles of Association, established business purposes, Policies and practices 
  • Delivers the very highest levels of customer service as well as continually improving the solutions that we provide our customers.
  • Exceeding client expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery and value.
  • Integrity, honesty and sincerity by following ethical and moral standards.
  • Promoting a work culture that provides individual growth, team spirit and creativity to overcome and challenges and attain goals.
  • Achieving growth along with our customers, staff and suppliers.

Personology Ltd’s success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. We understand the challenge of ensuring high social, ethical and environmental standards within our business and throughout our supply chain and are committed to working collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure that these standards are continually improved.

 In order to achieve this, Personology Ltd has developed this Social Compliance document based on the internationally acknowledged ETI base code.


Personology Ltd has a strict Policy on accepting bribes and gifts and we do not tolerate corruption in connection with any of our business dealings.


Personology Ltd competes fairly and independently in every market in which it conducts business. Legislation exists in all of our markets to protect competition and there are significant penalties for companies and individuals that break the law. 

To preserve our clients trust in our competitive practices we are careful when in contact with competitors and suppliers. 

The Modern Slavery Act came into effect on the 29th October 2015. The law requires manufacturers and retailers doing business in the UK that supply goods or services and have an annual turnover exceeding £36 million to disclose information regarding their policies to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chain and within their business.


Personology Ltd is committed to procuring goods and services from suppliers who demonstrate ethical principles in the way they conduct their business and we engage with suppliers on standards of quality, safety, environmental responsibility and human rights. 

Personology Ltd requires its suppliers to have fair working conditions, these include: 

  • No person shall be employed who is under the age for completing compulsory education, or under minimum age for employment in the country, whichever is greatest. Young people under the age of 18 shall not be employed in hazardous conditions without appropriate supervision or complete work that could affect their personal development.
  • Forced, bonded or compulsory labour must not be used. Employees should be free to leave employment at any time after reasonable notice. Employees should not be required to lodge identity papers or other valuable items with their employer, or an indefinite basis.
  • Employees’ employment conditions should be clearly communicated to them. Employees should be fairly and reasonably paid in line with applicable wage laws relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits.
  • There shall be no harsh or inhumane treatment of workers such as verbal or physical abuse.
  • Personology Ltd is committed to upholding human rights and fully support the UN Universal Declaration of Human rights.