Strengthening Workplace Harassment Laws

Female hiding her face behind her hands, looking distressed.

The introduction of the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023 marks a significant stride in our ongoing journey to create safer and more inclusive work environments. This legislation imposes a clear, mandatory duty on employers to actively prevent sexual harassment, reinforcing the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding employees.

Elevating Workplace Safety: The New Era of Harassment Law

Key features of this act include the obligation for employers to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and the empowerment of tribunals to increase compensation by up to 25% in cases where employers fail in this duty. This legislative evolution underscores the critical need for robust policies, comprehensive training, and a culture that prioritises respect and dignity for all.

For business and HR leaders, this development is a legal obligation and an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to your employees’ well-being – leading by example and standing against workplace harassment.

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