The Covid Safety Compliance Pack

Not only will using the pack give peace of mind that you have left no stone un-turned as far as Health and Safety is concerned*, it will also demonstrate to employees and, if it should come to it, a tribunal, that you invested time and money into ensuring that your business is a safe place for employees and visitors to return to and/or visit.

And in relation to the latter, not wishing to be sensationalist, there will undoubtedly come a time when some employees may look to raise grievances regarding the handling of their return to work and claim that the necessary assessments and/actions to ensure their safety were not implemented. Whatever the issue, dealing with it will take up valuable time and money.

Our MD, Shakira Joyner, explains why it is so important to be prepared to protect your business when you do eventually return to work in this video:


Covid Safety Compliance Pack Contents

Investing in this pack will go a long way to preventing such an outcome and even serve as evidence that you did undertake precautions, if the worst happens.

The full downloadable pack can be yours today for just £450 + VAT – a very small price to pay for the peace of mind it offers and the time it will save you.

The full pack consists of:

  • An extensive checklist with over 160 ‘to check’ points across 8 different areas of the business.
  • A 27-page Risk Assessment Policy which together with other key information, presents possible solutions to areas identified through the checklist.
  • A social distancing flow chart – to help simplify the process of ensuring compliance.
  • A ‘Stop the spread of germs’ information poster to be printed off as required and displayed around your premises to remind staff of their responsibility regarding the prevention of the spread of the virus.
  • A wash your hands information poster to be displayed at all washing stations and kitchens etc.

How to Access the Covid Safety Compliance Pack

To receive your Covid Safety Compliance Pack and begin your much easier journey to Covid-19 Health and Safety compliance email or you can call us on 01792 296178.