The New Redundancy Protection Act – Expected from April 2024

Mother & Father looking after their new baby in a park - representing time off for parenting.

As the UK makes conscious efforts to foster fully inclusive and supportive workplaces, 2024 will see a pivotal change with the introduction of the Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act. This legislation marks a significant step forward in protecting employees undergoing life-changing events such as pregnancy, adoption, and shared parental leave.

The act not only extends existing protections but also mandates employers to offer suitable alternative vacancies – ensuring job security during family-related absences. This development is not merely about compliance; it’s intended to foster a culture that values and supports employees through life’s big moments.

The Main Features of the Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act

  • Ensure that the redundancy protection period (the right for pregnant women and new mothers on maternity leave to be offered suitable alternative employment in a redundancy situation) applies from the point that an employee informs their employer that they are pregnant (whether this is done orally or in writing).
  • Extend the redundancy protection period until 18 months after the birth of the child (or adoption placement) for employees returning from maternity leave, adoption leave or shared parental leave.

For business leaders, this means adopting a proactive approach to policy review and workforce planning. Ensuring that your organisation is prepared to implement these changes effectively will enhance your reputation as an employer of choice, improve employee morale, and can lead to higher retention rates.

Embracing the Protection from Redundancy Act reflects your commitment to a positive workplace culture, where every employee feels valued and supported – a catalyst for positive change, reinforcing commitment to well-being and job security.

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