HR Investigations & Workplace Grievances

Guiding Businesses Through Complex Workplace Issues

Navigating Workplace Complaints and Employee Grievances

Maintaining a harmonious workplace is crucial for business success. At Personology, our HR Investigations service is designed to address complex workplace complaints and employee grievances efficiently and with the utmost discretion.


By adopting a sensitive, unbiased, and non-confrontational approach, we encourage employees to express their concerns freely, fostering an environment of trust and openness. Proper handling of these investigations is not just about fulfilling a legal obligation; it’s about ensuring fair and consistent treatment of all employees, which is fundamental to promoting positive workplace relations.


Neglecting proper investigation procedures or mishandling complaints can lead to increased scrutiny, especially if the issues escalate to a tribunal claim. Our expertise ensures that your business not only meets legal standards but also supports a respectful and inclusive workplace culture.

Different Types of Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations can vary widely, from misconduct and harassment to theft or compliance issues. Identifying the nature of the complaint accurately is the first step in resolving the issue effectively.


Establishing a clearly defined scope from the outset, will help to ensure focus of the procedure – managing costs and time.

Employee Conduct-Related Investigations

• Harassment (Sexual, Racial, Bullying…)

• Discrimination (Gender, Race, Disability…)

• Workplace Violence

• Employee Theft or Fraud


Performance-Related Workplace Investigations

• Misconduct & Gross Misconduct (Breach of Company Policy, Unethical Behaviour…)

• Performance Discrepancies (Inconsistencies in Employee Performance Reports)

• Misuse of Company Property


Compliance-Related Workplace Investigations

• Regulatory Compliance (Violations of Industry Regulations)

• Health & Safety Violations

• Data Breaches (Unauthorised Access or Handling of Sensitive Information)


Employee Grievances

• Personal Grievances (Conflicts Between Employees)

• Professional Grievances (Concerns Relating to Career Progression, Workload…)

• Retaliation Claims (Allegations of Unfair Treatment Following a Complaint)

Comprehensive Approach to HR Investigations

Our HR investigation process is meticulously structured to ensure fairness and impartiality. We begin by thoroughly gathering information and interviewing all involved parties. Our analysis is detailed, taking into account not only the facts presented but also any relevant statutory or regulatory guidelines that may have been breached.


Each step of our process is conducted with the highest level of confidentiality and sensitivity. We compile our findings into a comprehensive report that provides clear conclusions, enabling your organisation to make well-informed decisions. This thorough approach ensures that all proceedings are handled with the integrity and meticulous care necessary to uphold justice and organisational standards.

HR investigations in the workplace

Recognising the Need for a Workplace Investigation



It’s essential to know when a workplace investigation is necessary. This might include any situation where there are allegations that could affect the safety and well-being of your employees or the integrity of your business operations.

Complex Challenges in Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations come with a unique set of challenges – from identifying potential biases and collecting documentary evidence, to evaluating such evidence critically. Each step requires a meticulous approach to ensure confidentiality and minimise the impact on team morale.


Personology will manage these processes efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. Our team handles each investigation with the utmost professionalism and expertise, guiding you through these complexities to ensure a fair and thorough resolution.

Moving Forward After an HR Investigation


Post-investigation, we’ll help your organisation take appropriate actions based on the findings.



Whether it’s disciplinary actions, policy revisions, or conflict resolution measures, our goal will be to help you move forward constructively and restore workplace harmony.

Advantages of Engaging an Independent HR Consultancy


Engaging an independent HR consultant can provide an unbiased perspective essential for fairness and objectivity. Our consultants bring a wealth of HR expertise and a fresh viewpoint to safeguard compliance and procedural fairness.


Engaging an independent HR consultant offers a crucial, unbiased perspective that is fundamental for maintaining fairness and objectivity in workplace investigations.


Our independent consultants are equipped with extensive HR expertise, providing fresh insights that ensure compliance and procedural fairness. Whether you operate a large organisation with an HR team that doesn’t have capacity, or a smaller business lacking the necessary investigative expertise, our HR consultancy services are designed to meet your needs effectively, ensuring all investigations are handled with the highest standard of professionalism.


Tailored HR Support for Your Unique Workplace Challenges


Every workplace investigation presents its own set of challenges and complexities. Navigating these effectively requires a fair and considered approach to avoid potential legal issues, damage to employee relations, and reputational harm.


If you are contemplating whether a workplace investigation is necessary for your business, or if you need guidance through the process, our independent HR consultants are here to help.


Contact us today to discuss your specific scenario, and let us provide the support you need to handle the situation professionally.

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